Round of 8, championship push spotlighted in ‘Race for the Championship’ Episode 10

Editor’s note: Tune in live or set your DVRs for Episode 10 tonight at 10 ET on USA Network. The previous nine episodes are currently available for streaming on Peacock.

The 10th episode of USA Network’s unscripted series “Race for the Championship” airs tonight at 10 ET, and it provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the field throughout the three-race Round of 8 – including the incredible finale at Martinsville Speedway that saw Ross Chastain haul the wall to clinch a spot in the Championship 4.

Chastain’s last-gasp, last-lap bout of ingenuity is among the highlights in Episode 10. Although fans may have watched his final dash to the checkered flag on replay countless times since Sunday, the “Race for the Championship” crew captures an alternate angle of Trackhouse Racing team owner Justin Marks celebrating. He’s mic’d for sound, too, when he rushes onto pit road to greet Chastain, who is bound for the Championship 4 this weekend alongside Joey Logano, Christopher Bell and Chase Elliott.

The “Race for the Championship” docuseries debuted Sept. 1 with an episode dedicated to the beginning of the NASCAR season. As the series and season have both evolved, it’s caught up to real-time now with tonight’s episode.

NBC Universal previously announced that the entire season so far of Race for the Championship will be available on Peacock starting Oct. 7. Episodes 7-10 of Race for the Championship will still debut on USA Network before being available on Peacock the next day.

So after watching tonight’s Episode 9, be sure to stream previous episodes or any you may have missed on Peacock.

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