What we’re thankful for, 2022 NASCAR edition

joey logano hugs his family
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The finality of crowning three champions in Phoenix is starting to settle, pumpkin pies will soon be going in the oven and the weather is getting downright brisk.

It’s Thanksgiving season, and we have plenty to be thankful for. Here’s our list of what the NASCAR.com editorial team members are appreciative of after an unprecedented, landmark 2022 season.

We are thankful for …

“Thankful, as always, for the continual pursuit of safety. But this year also grateful for the history of the sport and our plans to commemorate where we’ve been and where we’re going with a 75th-anniversary celebration in 2023.” – Zack Albert

“I’m thankful for the 2022 season. Just … all of it. Getting to witness the boldest year in the history of the sport with a front-row seat on a weekly basis was truly a privilege. This year was just a cavalcade of non-stop highlights – and obviously, that one highlight that captured everyone’s attention in late October – and I can’t wait to see how NASCAR finds new ways to set the bar even higher in 2023 and beyond.” – Pat DeCola

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“I’m thankful for the opportunity to cover a platonic shift in NASCAR that produced such thrilling story lines, great racing and new title contenders. That’s coupled with gratitude for the teams of crew members, drivers, officials and others working behind the scenes to keep this traveling circus on the road.” – Zach Sturniolo

“I am thankful for a bit more road courses added to the schedule, giving drivers and teams a chance to step outside their comfort zone and expand their racing portfolios. This not only helps full-time NASCAR drivers gain opportunities in other series but promotes the sport and brings in competitors from the international level – all while providing an incredible at-track experience for fans.” – Sean Montgomery

“I’m thankful for NASCAR’s willingness to try new things, which resulted in the Clash inside the LA Coliseum minutes away from where I grew up. Can you believe they play football there sometimes?” – Cameron Richardson

“I’m thankful for the lush parity NASCAR is currently seeing from top to bottom. At some point, every sport seems to be struck with the stereotype of being top-heavy in talent. However, given what last year showed from both the drivers and Next Gen car, NASCAR hasn’t been bitten by this bug as of late. Parity produces excitement, and 2022 certainly illustrated that – and then some.” – John Crane

“I’m thankful for the way that this sport is so dynamic and unpredictable. So many moments over the season were truly one in a million (I’m looking at you, Chastain) and getting to cover them in real-time was amazing.” – Celia Ryan

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