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December 6, 2022

@nascarcasm: The Ugly Paint Scheme Contest is back

2022 December iRacing ugly intro

Season’s greetings, iRacers and paint-scheme aficionados!

The holidays are here. That means a few things – goodwill towards all, generosity, and ugly Christmas sweaters.

Having become a big fan of eSports over the past few years, I decided to kinda sorta combine all of those things.

Therefore, it is time to announce the return of the @nascarcasm Ugly Paint Scheme Contest! This contest was last held in 2019 with great success. I can still remember the cornea-scorching submissions to this day. They haunt me like Vecna. Here is the previous winner. Warning: sensitive content.

2022 December Iracingugly 1

But now it’s back, and if you win, you’re gonna win big.

The good folks at iRacing have donated some extremely generous prize packages for this glorious event.

1st PLACE – 250 iRacing credits

2nd PLACE – 200 iRacing credits

3rd PLACE – 100 iRacing credits

So how do you win? The rules are as follows.

  • Flex your creative muscle and design the most hideous, revolting, nausea-inducing paint scheme you can. As ugly as you can muster. No profanity or crude imagery please – this is a family website.
  • Post your creation to Twitter using the hashtag #CasmUglySchemeContest so we can find them. If you wish to keep your submission under wraps, you may also direct-message them to me on Twitter – DMs are open. The deadline is Dec. 21, 2022.
  • How will the winner be judged? Myself and an esteemed panel of others that I’ll beg for help will subjectively judge each submission to determine which one has hit the high-water mark for hideousness. We’ll notify the winners, who will provide their info to receive their prizes.

And that’s all. Time to get your creative juices flowing. BE OFF AND CREATE YOUR ABOMINATIONS.