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June 13, 2024

Legacy Motor Club, Carvana unveil special Jimmie Johnson paint scheme — designed by his daughters

Seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson returns to Indianapolis Motor Speedway this year, and he’ll do so sporting a unique No. 84 Carvana paint scheme – one designed by those closest to him.

In celebration of Father’s Day weekend, Jimmie Johnson’s daughters, Genevieve (13) and Lydia (11), designed a unique and heartfelt paint scheme for their father’s race car at a place teeming with history – and one where Johnson has had incredible success.

A four-time winner of The Brickyard 400, Johnson’s dark blue Toyota will have extra special meaning as Genevieve and Lydia poured their love and creativity into a custom design that unites their dad’s favorite things and funny quirks.

“It was a lot of trial and error but we are so excited to see our designs at the race,” said Genevieve and Lydia Johnson in a press release. “It was really fun for us to combine colors and patterns that remind us of Dad’s racing world and some of our favorite memories with him. We hope everyone loves it as much as we loved creating it.”

The No. 84 Carvana Toyota Camry XSE is covered in pink, turquoise, yellow and purple doodles along with images of the family’s spirited Jack Russell Terrier, “Charlie Meatball”, and references how the girls wish their dad luck before each race, telling him to “drive over the moon” – their way of saying Johnson he will be the fastest car.

“Seeing my daughters take such an active role in designing the paint scheme for my car has been an incredibly special experience,” said Johnson. “Their creativity and vision have brought a fresh and personal touch to the race track and will keep me inspired lap after lap. It’s a special moment I’m excited to share with the fans, especially as we celebrate Father’s Day.”