Chef Gordon Ramsay roasts banana-mayo sandwich

FLASHBACK: Dale Jr. shows you how to make a banana-mayo sandwich

DOVER, Del. – Chef Gordon Ramsay has made a name for himself over the years reviewing other culinary adventurers’ creations, often harshly. tasked Sunday’s AAA 400 Drive for Autism grand marshal with perhaps his most challenging review yet – the Dale Earnhardt Jr. banana-mayonnaise sandwich.

He, uh, didn’t hold back.

“Wow. That would give me (a not-too-pleasant gastrointestinal situation) for three weeks,” the ‘F-Word’ star said at Dover International Speedway. “Throw it away and start again. I would not be eating (expletive) banana and mayonnaise, no. Whatever Muppet put those two together needs to clean their core. Dale Jr. needs to call me.”

That seemed to be the general consensus when the Hendrick Motorsports driver shocked the world and created a phenomenon of grandi-gross proportions in April 2016 by tweeting a picture of the Dalewich, albeit with less profanity.

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Ramsay, who is a self-proclaimed “car nut” who races in his spare time and loves the “electric” atmosphere at the “Monster Mile,” did have some suggestions to spice the sandwich up.

“Mayonnaise? Crème fraiche. Way better,” he said.

“Mashed banana, crème fraiche, little touch of vanilla. I’d take that thing to the Premier League.”