How to play NASCAR Fantasy Live in 2024

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NASCAR Fantasy Live is open now for entry and league creation, inviting both returning and new players to get in on the online excitement. Players must log into their accounts on the NASCAR website or through the NASCAR Mobile App and can start setting their lineups for the Daytona 500. The NASCAR Fantasy page is the portal where players assemble their rosters for each race week.

Additionally, you can earn 10 Fan Rewards points each time you set your lineup in NASCAR Fantasy Live. With Fan Rewards points, you can earn exclusive prizes such as race tickets, NASCAR merchandise, and more; sign up for Fan Rewards here.

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Rules for the 2024 season echo those of previous years. Players will be tasked with selecting five drivers to comprise their weekly lineup, with an additional sixth driver placed in their garage. The routine of making picks opens every Tuesday. Players can insert their garage driver into their lineups up until the conclusion of the second race stage. Once the final race stage kicks off, the five-driver lineup you have set will be locked, and the performance of each chosen driver will determine the final scoring.

A few critical rules to keep in mind during the season is that participants can utilize a particular driver up to 10 times during the 26-race regular season. What happens if you max your driver use before the playoffs? Well, there’s no need to fear. Once the playoffs get underway in September at Atlanta Motor Speedway, driver usage will reset, offering an additional five uses for any driver for the final 10 races.

But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there. Head-to-head matchups will return for the 2024 season. Choose between the two provided drivers on which one you think will finish higher in the race; choose the correct one, and you will receive 10 more bonus points.

Each driver can earn up to 60 points on a race weekend, similar to NASCAR’s official point system. Drivers who place within the top 10 at the stage breaks will be the only ones to receive bonus points, with the stage winner being awarded 10 points all the way down to the 10th-place finisher being awarded one point. If a driver in your lineup manages to win the race, NASCAR Fantasy Live will grant you 40 points. Official points won’t be handed out until the post-race inspection is complete approximately two hours after the race ends and the finishing order is confirmed. In the unfortunate event that one of your drivers fails post-race inspection, NASCAR Fantasy Live will resemble the points.

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In an intriguing twist for the current season, a minor rule change introduces added excitement for the Championship 4 drivers. Those including them in their lineup will earn stage points during the title race at Phoenix Raceway, elevating the stakes and strategic considerations for the final race.

What are the stakes? If you have what it takes to score the most points for the Daytona 500 opener, you can earn a $10,000 reward. Looking beyond the “Great American Race,” the player who accumulates the most points over the full 36-race schedule will secure a substantial $25,000 prize. The runner-up will take home $10,000, and $5,000 will be awarded to the third-place finisher. The fun doesn’t end there, the top scorer in the postseason will walk away with $10,000.